Websites I like!

My clever sister, Carrie, designs wonderful and unique hand-made jewellery (she is the clever one in the family!)
You can visit her shop at:-

George Formby Lookalike Entertainer!!!
If you are running any 1940s/wartime-themed events and need a wonderful entertainer, look no further than here! This young man entertained hundreds of us at a Guernsey Liberation event recently, and brought a smile to everyone’s face!

AND take a look at this wonderful WW2 Home Front Re-enactment Group who bring it to life!

A wonderful website on Emigration:

Check out this 1940s site:

and this one for Dodgy Rodge (a 1940s style “spiv”)

My friend John Burgess is a great photographer in Cheshire
Check out his work on his website at:

have been interviewed by the lovely writer, Mary Metcalfe, check out her fabulous blog at

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