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You can watch my Guwrnsey Evacuees book trailer on Youtube here: (there is sound)

HERE IS AN OVERVIEW OF MY GUERNSEY EVACUEES BOOK: It is NOT simply a collection of evacuee stories – each of the 6 chapters covers an aspect of the evacuation. Throughout each chapter are numerous quotes from the evacuees themselves which fit in with that chapter, and bring it to life. There are also 102 wartime images – photos, personal documents and archive documents

Chapter 1 describes the lead up to the evacuation, the evacuation itself, and ends with the occupation of the island

Chapter 2 describes conditions in the evacuee reception centres, how homes were found for the evacuees, how the mothers had to trace their children who had sailed on separate ships, and how the evacuees had to adjust to life in industrial towns

Chapter 3 describes the war work carried out by the evacuees, the air raids they endured, the formation of the Channel Island societies and the Channel Islands Refugee Committee, and the importance of the Church to the evacuees.

Chapter 4 describes some of the organisations that helped the evacuees such as Channel Islanders in Canada, and Americans such as Eleanor Roosevelt who helped children at Guernsey’s evacuated ‘La Chaumiere School’ through a scheme called ‘the Foster Parent Plan’. It also tells the story of Mr Fletcher who for 5 years bought Xmas presents for Channel Island evacuees in the Bury area

Chapter 5 tells the story of the teachers and children of some of the evacuated Guernsey schools. A group of wartime diaries paint a vivid picture of the experience of the evacuated Guernsey ‘Forest School’ in Cheadle Hulme Cheshire.

Finally, Chapter 6 describes the evacuees reaction to the Liberation of Guernsey, and how they organised their return home & readjusted to island life. It looks at family relationships that were damaged as a result of the evacuation, why some evacuees decided to remain in England, and why some children were adopted by English families. It also examines the ties that still remain between England and Guernsey today.

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I am signing copies of my book on 8th May 2013 in the Guernsey Press Shop, 10am to 11am.

I will be reading a section from my book and signing copies at Bury Library, Moss Street, Bury, Lancashire, on Saturday 26th Jan 2013 at 11am until 12.30pm. Guernsey evacuees will also be there to chat to visitors about their wartime experiences. For directions to the venue, call 0161 253 5871

More signing dates to follow

I will be signing copies of my book on Friday 16 November from 12 noon to 2pm at the Guernsey Press Shop, Smith Street, Guernsey. If you would like the shop to reserve a copy of my book for you, for that day, please contact them ASAP on 01481 724 829

I will be signing copies of my book on Sat 24 November 11am -12.30pm at The People’s History Museum,
and with me will be some of the Guernsey evacuees featured in my book. They will chat to visitors and show you their wartime documents and photographs.
The Museum’s location can be found here:

If you wish to reserve a copy of my book for that day, please contact the Museum ASAP:

More signing events to follow soon

27 Responses to MY NEW BOOK

  1. Barbara duncombe says:

    I have asked one of my family to grt your books for me I was a evacuee in Stockport

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  3. Barbara duncombe says:

    The book my g/niece wrote I can’t remember half of it hapening so I can’t remark on it but I have been back to see where we lived .

  4. Rhiannon Fox says:

    I am so looking forward to this book. Have already ordered it x

  5. This work you have researched and created will open eyes, widen hearts and make us remember our unique and treasured history. Thank you.

  6. I love the information of this book–having watched the fictional story Island at War. I’m in the states, so it might be a challenge to get your book for a while. Also, will it be on Amazon?
    I’m so glad to find your book–this history is so important!

    • mbjssgpm says:

      Hello Linda and thank you for your message. It will be on in November some time, so I hope you will be able to get hold of a copy. With my best wishes to you, and thank you for your support. Gill

  7. Well done for having published it at last! I wish you every success. How did you come to write about this topic?

  8. Emmy says:

    Hi, I would love to organise to have a signed copy of your book. I spoke to you on twitter and I am so excited to have found out about your book in time for Christmas; it will be ther perfect present for my Nan. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Many Thanks, Emmy

  9. Mary Dorey says:

    I’d love a signed copy Gill. My son Paul in Japan has ordered it already delighted that you mention his father several times. Mary

    • mbjssgpm says:

      Hello Mary I have today received your card and will send the books out in the next few days. I am delighted to be in touch with you and emnailed Paul agaiin only today. Gill

  10. Janet Lam says:

    Dear Gill,
    Could you send me a signed copy of your book please? I live in Derbyshire, but have cousins in Guernsey.
    Can you let me know how to send payment please?

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  12. Hi Gillian,

    I came across your blog via twitter. Your book looks very interesting!
    I enjoy pre- WW 2 and WW2 history. My father was 17 y.o when he escaped Czechoslovakia as the Nazis were taking over his country.
    Best Wishes to you.

  13. mbjssgpm says:

    That is a very moving story, thanks for sharing it with me. Gill

  14. MARIA POMEROY says:

    please can we have a signed copy of your book.can you write it to …. BETTY DE BOER- STONEBRIDGE.

  15. Peter Turnbull says:

    Accidentally bumped into you on Twitter, and found your work fascinating as the son of a Bolton-bound refuge from Guernsey (nee Ruaux). Let me know how to get hold of the book … Would love to read more.

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