Do you want your story told?

If you would like me to turn your personal story into a book or leaflet/booklet, either for your family or for sale to the public, for a negotiable fee, please contact me via the Comments box at the foot of this webpage.

I am currently writing a book on behalf of a Basque refugee who came to England in 1937.

My own books on Second World War Evacuation can be viewed via the link below – I have interviewed over 500 evacuees so far (September 2016)

To order my book ‘Guernsey Evacuees: The Forgotten Evacuees of the Second World War'(History Press) go to:

1 Response to Do you want your story told?

  1. Jacky Renouf says:

    I am very impressed with your work and your project. I grew up with the story of my mother’s getting out from Guernsey accompanying a school group led by a Mrs Baxindale [ I think it was a small private school]. Mrs Baxindale was a friend of my grandmother. My mother Joan Renouf aged 19 was engaged to my father who was serving in Aldershot. My mother accompanied the school children as far as Southampton and then made her way to Chelmsford. My mothers two brothers aged 9 and 11 [ David and Graham Niles I think they were at Amherst school] went with their school to Oldham. My grandmother and grandfather, bereft of their children caught one of the last mail boats out and met up with my mother in Chelmsford where they all found work.
    My mother is still alive but my uncles both died in the early 2000’s.
    Thank you for sharing your materials so generously.

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