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Ruth during the war

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Some sad news… and some good news. November 2016

This past week has brought some very sad news but also, thankfully, some good news about the Second World War evacuees I have interviewed – and those who cared for them during the war.

I am very sorry to report that the lovely Mrs Ruth Harrison has passed away. She and her parents cared for Win De La Mare, an evacuee child from Guernsey, between 1940 and 1945 in Stockport. Ruth and Win practically became sisters during the war and were heartbroken when Win had to return to her parents in Guernsey in 1945. However they remained in constant touch through letters and visits across the Channel. (Win told me that she never really settled into Guernsey life after the war.) Below is a photograph of Ruth and Win, in England, which I took a few years ago. Also pictured are Ruth’s son, Phil, and Win’s Guernsey friend, Rose, who was also evacuated to Stockport in 1940. Rest in Peace Ruth. You will be missed by all who knew and loved you.


Thankfully I also have some pleasant news to report. Evacuee mother, Mrs Ruth Berry, who was evacuated from Guernsey to St Helens in 1940, will celebrate her 107th birthday on Saturday 19 November.  The photograph below was taken at her 105th birthday party in 2014.


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