Channel Islands Evacuation Calendar 2011

I have produced a special illustrated wall calendar to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Channel Island Evacuation – visit my online Shop on this site.

About mbjssgpm

I am a social historian of the 1930s and 1940s and have published 3 history books, now writing 4th. I run a community group for evacuees who came from Guernsey to Northern England and did not return home. My books are at:
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16 Responses to Channel Islands Evacuation Calendar 2011

  1. Keith says:

    Hello, both my wifes dad & uncle were evacuated from Guernsey. Bruce to Birmingham where he lived for the rest of his life & Eric to Scotland, he later moved to Birmingham where he died just last year.
    The family name is Banneville & I’m wondering if its a name you have come across.Their father was a serving policeman on the Island throughout the occupation.



    • mbjssgpm says:

      Hi Keith thanks for your comment, I am sorry but I have not as yet come across that surname. I will keep an eye out for it though during my research, and contact you again if it should come up during any archive visits.
      Do you live in England, and if so,have you tried contacting the local archives offices in the areas in which your family lived?
      It really is worth a try. I have searched lots of local archives around Lancashire Cheshire and Yorkshire so far, and found that some archives have kept all their war time papers, including details of evacuees, whereas
      others disposed of them in the past, presumably to make space for new documents.
      Let me knowhow you get on, and in the meantime I will keep an eye out for the Banneville name – Which school were they evacuated with by the way, and what were their ages in 1940?

  2. Julie Singleton says:

    Do you have any records of Lamiots being evacuated and settling in Baildon – this is part of my heritage, I am very interested in your work. I have spent many hours trying to find newspaper cuttings, photos etc.

    Julie Singleton

    • mbjssgpm says:

      Hello Julie and thank you for your message. Unfortunately I have not come across the name Lamiot as yet but I will contact you via email if I do. I expect you have tried the local records office near to Baildon already. Sorry that I could not be of more help on this occasion and good luck with your search. Gill

  3. John Edward Searson says:

    My Father, Edward Searson (Ted), was Chairman of the Manchester & District Channel Islands Refugee Society throughout the war. ww2. The Channel Islanders met once a fortnight on a Sunday in the CWS (Co operative Wholesale Society) building in Manchester. They met in a basement area. Besides trips to the seaside and other social events, organised a large rally at Belle View, Manchester towards the end of the war, at which 6000 Channel Island refugees attended from all over Britain. Many local dignitaries including the Mayor of Manchester, and Major Le Patural VC, attended. The event was featured on Pathe News Reel and shown throughout all cinemas in the U.K.

  4. Jeanne Scholes Pentecost says:

    I made such good friends with 3 ladies who had to leave Guernsay at this time. Both came to Rochdale, Lancashire. One, her husband had to remain one the island. Wish I had kept in touch but I left for the USA in 1952. They love the island and so I am sure that they returned there. One ladies name Was Jessica Morrison Meir. Scottish by birth.
    Also had a family who got to rent a house across from mine. All got to stay together. 2 attended my school and the eldest son was my first boyfriend. Again, wish I knew how their lives became later.

    • mbjssgpm says:

      Hi Jeanne thank you very much for your comment. I will see if I can find the lady in question for you through twitter and this blog. Its always more difficult to trace girl evacuees because they marry and lose their maiden names.Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog. I hope you will continue to do so. Gill

  5. Rosanna says:

    Hi, my father Alan A V Thomas and his brother Paul Thomas were evacuated with the whole of Elizabeth College to Derbyshire. He was sent to Great Hucklow and Paul to Whitehall. They never returned to Guernsey after the war and sadly the Germans stole most of my grandmother’s possessions that she had had to leave behind.

  6. Keith Bichard says:

    My brother & I were evacuated to Rochdale. Mother joined us a few weeks later and rented a house on Spotland Road until Liberation. My father had to remain on the island. My particular interest is in Paul and Alan Thomas as I am completing a Register of Elizabeth College students. I have details of their careers up to 1960, but nothing beyond.

    • mbjssgpm says:

      hi Keith I have replied by email, and I hope that someone may see this comment and know Paul and Alan Thomas. Gill

    • Rosanna says:

      Hi. My father is Alan thomas and his brother Paul. Sadly Paul died last year in Canada where he had been living since the 50s/60s I think. Dad was a chartered surveyor and then had his own successful building company in Wandsworth. He lived in chiswick, west London. They both had 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. His grandfather was a master at Elizabeth college. Dad lives in a care home in Surrey now as he developed lewy body dementia / Parkinson’s disease. Hope this helps, what age are you if you don’t mind me asking? rosanna

  7. My father’s family were evacuated from Guernsey to Canada and possibly America, they were the children of Thomas and Amelia Lihou. Born in 1890 he joined the Royal Navy in 1908 and was discharged 1920 then there is a two year gap before he immigrated to NZ in 1922. We are still trying to trace his travels in NZ till his marriage to mum in 1932. I have recently been introduced to one family member who is the nephew of my father’s brother Alex who was evacuated to Canada. Unfortunately my father and all his siblings have since passed on which is why it is really good to find this site. good luck with it.

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