Bury evacuee film on sale

The 30 minute film about Channel Island evacuees in Bury during WW2, “All my Worldy Possessions” created by Diane Rickerby of Bury Archives and myself, is available to loan on DVD from Bury Libraries. For info on how to purchase a copy of the DVD & booklet, plase visit my online Shop.
The film was made with the support of the Manchester Beacon for Public Engagement

About mbjssgpm

I am a social historian of the 1930s and 1940s and have published 3 history books, now writing 4th. I run a community group for evacuees who came from Guernsey to Northern England and did not return home. My books are at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gillian-Mawson/e/B008MWQ0IE/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1485954968&sr=1-1
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10 Responses to Bury evacuee film on sale

  1. Margaret Cornick says:

    Hi Gillian, Happy New Year to You….I have been reading through your site, and am wondering if you have any names of the Guernsey evacuees that I might know who evacuated with me from Notre Dame du Rosaire School and who lived in Bury (Chesham Estate) and Tottington/Greenmount (Hollymount Convent) and I was also wondering if you have been able to use my article that I sent you about my evacuation experieces which was published in that book written by a man who has a copy of it in the Bury Library which included my reference to Mr. Fletcher (remember I sent you a photo of the day he came to Guernsey to visit us….hope to hear from you soon. Margaret Cornick (formerly Carbery).

  2. Len Roberts says:

    Margaret, my name is Len Roberts I also attended Notre Dame du Rosaire School (Burnt Lane) and was aged ten when we evacuated. What a day that was! Eventually arriving at Tottington, along with John Howlett and Ronnie Benest, we were fortunate to go to the large residence of the then Mayor of Bury, John Whitehead, at ‘Stormer Hill,’. where we also received loving care from the resident staff. Fortunately, my parents and two younger brothers also escaped to different parts of the North of England and eventually were all reunited at Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

    Some years later, when my wife (fromHakifax) and I were Salvation Army Officers, we visited Mrs whitehead, who was by then widowed. We paid a further visit , but by then ‘Stormer Hill’ had new owners, who nevertheless made us very welcome, so much so that they gave me the freedom to wander around the extensive house, and conducted us around the expansive grounds. Such memories!

    Because of the Manchester Blitz, we slept for many nights in bunk beds in what had been the wine cellar, sometimes playing cards with the maids late at on. Unfortunately I became I’ll with diphtheria,and even in Hospital we had to sleep on mattresses under the bed during Air Raids.

    Unsurprisingly, I have a great regard for Lancashire folk, as I’m sure you do. It’s great to be in touch.. God bless you.

    Len Roberts

    • mbjssgpm says:

      Thank you very much for this information Len, and I will pass it on to Margaret now via email in case she does not see this post for a few weeks. I am sure she will be in touch Gill 🙂

  3. David Havens says:

    Does anyone have information/photographs relating to Mrs Dorothy Myrtle Whitehead of Greenbank House, Chesham concerning the Guernsey evacuees? My aunt Lily has told me she was involved with the children.

    • mbjssgpm says:

      hi David I have not come across Mrs Whitehead as yet during my research, but should anything come up in the future I will contact you. Hopefully readers of this blog will be able to help you. Gill

    • mbjssgpm says:

      Hello David I have just had a thought and looked at the papers of a man called Mr Fletcher who collected funds for Ch Island evacuees in Bury and he mentions a Mrs P K Whitehead (?) I will scan the document and email it to you now. Gill

      • David Havens says:

        Hello Gillian,
        thankyou for the document. Is Mr. Flethcher still alive? He would surely have known Dorothy Whitehead.
        Dorothy Myrtle Whitehead was the daughter of Colonel George Wike. Dorothy married Percy Kay Whitehead(the Mrs. P K Whitehead mentioned above?) and in the 1911 census they are resident at Greenbank House, a property next to Danesmoor which at the time was occupied by her father, Colonel Wike.
        Mrs. Whitehead was an active Bury “aristocrat” who helped out some of the poorer children of Bury. My aunt Lily mentions a Guernsey evacuee named Ivy le Long, a girl she knew from her visits to Greenbank House. Mrs. Whitehead was also a magistrate and my late aunt Madeleine said of her: “She talked very posh and had a kind face.”
        I went to St. Joseph’s Junior School on Danesmoor Road and I can still remember one teacher telling us about a bomb that had landed near where our new school was located. My aunt Lily says she has a photo of Mrs. Whitehead “somewhere”.

  4. zara michie says:

    Hello, my name is Zara and Im looking on behalf of my cousin Michael Moon/De La Mare for the house he was evacuated to in 1940, he has few memories of the house, it was big and it had tennis courts, it was only a walk away from the school and it was in Bury.
    I mention Stormer Hill and it sparked a memory. I was wondering if my (vague) description rings true to anyone?
    Its his last wish to visit the place that he was evacuated to and to be honest iv been searching and this is the closest to a lead I have.
    Any help would be very welcome.

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