Meet the Guernsey Evacuees

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2 Responses to Meet the Guernsey Evacuees

  1. Jean-YvonneEgger says:

    I could not truly be considered an evacuee because I left Guernsey with my Grandmother at the age of 18 months, after several stops, including Coventry, we ended up in Halifax, Yorkshire and I particularly remember one schoolboy friend Ken, we both attended St. Augustines Primary School and an ex pat Pierre, a genuine Guernsey boy who also was in our class. With no more knowledge than this, I don’t except to catch up with them, although it would be terribly exciting if I did… there was also a Yorkshire girl in my class, a then Jean Taylor and I misser her terribly when I returned with my family to Guernsey in July 1945. Jean-Yvonne Collins, then, now Egger and after 42 years in Australia, residing with my Swiss husband in St. Gallen.

    • mbjssgpm says:

      Hello Jean thank you very much for taking the time to share your family experience on my blog. I do hope that someone from Halifax will read this and perhaps recognise
      some of the names you mention. It might be worthwhile sending an email to the Halifax Courier newspaper: Perhaps one of the people you knew will contact you? Gill

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